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Announcing The First Jimmy White All Autauga County Football Performers

For over six decades, the late Jimmy White covered sports in Autauga County. During that time, Jimmy never failed to celebrate the great student athletes of this county in print. Since his passing, there has been a void in the coverage of high school athletes of this county. It is in Jimmy’s spirit that we here at Prattville Alive, along with Larry Puckett Chevrolet, try to help remedy that by introducing the inaugural Jimmy White Memorial Autauga County All County Performers for the 2020 high school football season. With the help of all the high school football coaches and athletic directors in Autauga County, we have compiled a list of those high school student athletes that distinguished themselves through their performances this past football season. The number of players from each school was selected based on the size of each school’s roster.

Without further ado, The Jimmy White Memorial All County Performers.


EJ Ousley, QB - JR

Keondre Powell, RB - SR

Albert Taggart, RB - JR

Derryl Holmes, WR - SR

Alterious Bates, WR - SR

Spencer Roy, TE - SR

Joe Lane, OL - JR

Tim Trotter, DL - SR

Ian Jackson, LB - SR

Eric Benson, LB - JR

Laderious “Chop” Fitts, DB - JR

Jahmir Cromblin, DB - SR

Collin Rogers, P/K - JR

Kameron Shanks, PR/KR – SO


Jack Thompson, QB - JR

Ethan Gomez, RB - SO

Zack List, WR – SR

Jakobe Smith, OL – SR

Matthew Johnson, OL - SR.

Bennett Landry, OL – SR

Gavin Thompson, P – SR

Amos Barton, DE – JR

Braeden Mizusawa, LB – SO

Cody Whitford, DB – SO

Austin Rhodes, DB – SR

Pharrel Banks, DB – JR


Jontavies "Duke" Todd, OL/DL – SR

Levi Arington, QB/DB – JR

Kylan Thomas, RB/LB – JR

Randriquis McCary, RB/LB – SO

Zlondre Tyus, WR/LB – SO


DeWaun Stubbs, QB/FS - SR

Makenzie Bristow-Matthews, RB/DL - JR

Jermaine Sanders, RB/DB - JR

Mardriquez Trey Lee, OL/LB - JR

Deontae Hester, OL/DL – FR


Tanner Byrd, QB – FR

Kenny Gunn, LB – SO

Matthew Lisle, WR – SR

Trey Barkley, DB – JR

Joseph King, LB – JR


Anden Hilyer, TE – JR

Josh Palmer, DL – SO

Bobby Mitchell, OL - JR

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